Some nice round numbers

I’ve kind of taken this week off from my “game of life”, but I still do need to post about the previous week. Later.

I keep a text editor open all the time on my laptop, and jot little notes down in it whenever I have a thought. Sometimes weeks go by between computer reboots (hooray for WinXP) but when the time comes, I have all these unsaved text documents to look through and decide what to save and what can be tossed.

So, here’s something I figured out a couple weeks ago:

When you’re:
11.41 years old, you are 100,000 hours old.
19.03 years old, you are 10 million minutes old.
19.18 years old, you are 1 thousand weeks old.
27.40 years old, you are 10 thousand days old.
31.71 years old, you are 1 billion seconds old.
83.33 years old, you are 1000 months old.

I chose the biggest nice “round” number that fit in a regular human lifespan. Did I miss any? Fortnights seemed a little silly.

Oh, and check out the comment I recently received. Jeff, thanks for taking the time to share your well-worded thoughts. For what it’s worth, my wife did spend some money at that store to support ma-and-pa. My words may have been unfairly cynical, but surely the store owners did name the store in an attempt to “tap into” (a less cynical way of putting it?) the “Little House” tourists, even before the museum was established? I don’t think they’re “con artists” or “preying” on anyone. Thanks for the feedback. I’ll probably reword the old post after my reader(s) have a chance to weigh in.

7 Responses to “Some nice round numbers”

  1. Tim Says:

    Fortnights ARE silly. When will the British realize this indisputable fact?

  2. Richard Says:

    Yes, the original does sound a bit cynical. You would probably word it differently if they were friends of yours whom you knew to be honest, hard-working etc.

    HOWEVER, they are (I assume) NOT running this store as a not-for-profit charity, but have chosen a local, famous setting to use to make “cash”. Am I wrong?

  3. Alex Says:

    Useless, unrelated factoid: found a neat, free BASIC compiler for Windoze… Emergence BASIC. Me likey. Gets me into a programming mood. I feel my desires to code for the C64 returning.

  4. TheFatman Says:

    Hey Mac,

    I’m guessing (since you email me, but don’t respond to my replies) that you are not receiving my mails.

    Get me off the Blacklist.. 🙂


  5. shroomAzoom Says:

    Hey, more numbers! Give more numbers!

  6. shroomAzoom Says:

    PS: I only reboot my computer for system updates. 🙂
    PPS: That’s not quite true, I think I’ve rebooted a couple times in the near 6 years I’ve been using my current computer.

  7. CPUFreak91 Says:

    At 1 million seconds you are 11.57 days old.
    At 568,036,800 seconds (18 years old) you can vote in most countries

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