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PSW has two branches - Pseudo-Sound Works is our independent record label, while Pseudo-Soft Works is a creative computer (mainly the classic Commodore 64) group.

Here are the various members that participate in either part of PSW:

Darren Foulds (aka Shroom) is a creative force to be reckoned with. All the art and design you see on these pages, and most of the art and music in our computer productions is made by Darren. Additionally, Darren's song writing talents speak for themselves on numerous tracks, where you can also hear his vocals, drumming and occasional bit of guitar.

Robin Harbron (aka Macbeth) is responsible for putting together the pieces - HTML here on the website, coding on the computer, and recording and mixing the music. Also, Robin plays bass on the North & the Sea albums.

Douglas Anderson has written the majority of the songs that appear on the PSW label - his talents becoming more refined with each new project he creates. Doug handles the guitars and plenty of the vocals for both North & the Sea and Reliable Toasters.

Dustin Chambers (aka Fuzz) is a relative newcomer to the Pseudo-Soft Works fold. His coding, music and graphics talents are improving with every release.


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