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2007.08.13 Nearly *3* years since the last update! Next time I update, it'll be like 2011: The Year After We Make Contact. Still, we haven't been idle. Robin's dream of being a professional video game programmer has come true! He was the lead programmer on VeggieTales: LarryBoy and the Bad Apple for Game Boy Advance, and just completed Crayola Treasure Adventures for Nintendo DS.

2004.09.29 Boy oh boy, nearly 2 years between updates this time! Again, we haven't been totally slack in our own pursuits. The 2003 minigame compo was won with a 4k version of Minima, and we recently released a joystick version too. We entered Shroom's "The Driving Game" in the 2004 Minigame Compo. And you can keep up with us in Robin and Darren's blogs. Oh, and over 100,000 people will soon have the opportunity to play some PSW games right in the comfort of their own homes, if they know where to look.

2002.10.23 Well, 18 months with no updates - a sad state of affairs indeed. We've now got a host with a lot more space (and cool features) and hopefully this will motivate a big new update for the site. PSW hasn't been entirely idle during this time though - a few minigames have been coded (Minima and Splatform) and some updates to the Scene World magsys have been done (and there are more to come). Let us know you visited and that you care! ;)

2001.04.10 The domain's been transferred over to - is supposed to expire on April 30th. Years ago we had tried to get but only recently have they been easier to get - and we got it!

2001.02.28 Well, it's been a lot of work, but issue #1 of the new Sceneworld magazine is now available! PSW is in co-op with P.o.L. to produce this magazine that covers both the NTSC and PAL C-64 scenes. Please check this magazine out, and then contribute for our next issue!

2000.12.11 Well, it's been a while since we've had an update! I've updated various pages to make them more current, and made a few more C64 related items available for download. Also, we now have - I hope to transfer things over to the new domain in the new year.

2000.01.24 Finally got Macbeth's old DOS game, Snakes up on our PC page.

1999.11.25 We released a preview of our new TI-86 game, Cosmic Ark. Check it out under SoftWorks/TI-86.

1999.09.28 We released "My 64", an audio CD filled with songs by Darren and Robin, both on the C64's SID chip, and a number of "real" songs with drums and guitars, etc. Check it out under "SoundWorks".

1999.09.22 Reliable Toasters are getting radio play in the Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada area! Check out CJOA at 95.1 FM, or visit their web site at!

1999.08.12 Included links to the Reliable Toasters' site - just so you know, the URL is The album is available for purchase there too.

1999.07.06 Official Opening! Still some work to be done, but just about everything is working now.

1999.07.05 Continuing with getting all the links together, and pulling the relevant stuff from Robin's personal site over.

1999.05.28 This new design is getting tested out, and bits and pieces are being put together.


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